SANTE PURE BARLEY: Can Prevent And Heal Ailments, P4D1 Enzyme, Stimulates Repair of DNA molecule, Produce good cells and Destroy Cancer Cell.

Research has shown that the green leaves of the young Barley plant contain the most prolific balanced supple of nutrients that exist on earth in a single source. said Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara. (ORAC) Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Barley contains 25, 500 Radical Absorbance Capacity per 100 grams. The Higher the ORAC Number, the Greater the amount of Antioxidants in the food. As per Scientists test tube analysis, No other food can give this antioxidant protection.


Featured Sante Pure Barley Products...

  • Sante Pure Barley Powder

    Santé Pure Barley New Zealand is pure organic barley grass powder and blended with the one of nature’s most potent sweeteners. Stevia has been used in Paraguay by its native Indians for the past 200 years as a sweetener for beverage. The barley grass powder used in this product is certified organic by BioGro.


  • Sante Pure Barley Capsule

    Santé Barley Pure New Zealand is pure organic young barley grass grown and cultivated in the fertile plains of Canterbury. Barley grass is harvested before the ovule begins to move up and the grain to develop. At this stage, its nutritional profile is more like that of a green leafy vegetable than that of a grain.


  • Sante Pure Barley Fusion

    Santé Barley Fusion is a combination of our tried and proven 100% young barley from New Zealand with Robusta Coffee beans.Perk up your morning with the rich velvety tastes of Santé Barley Fusion coffee, lovingly and meticulously blended for the discriminating café connoisseur.


Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Sante Barley

"I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on April 04, 2001 with only 5 year chance of survival.

I discovered Barley in the Internet and took it along with chemotheraphy. Now I am on my 9th year survival.

Barley didn't just save my life but give me a new life that I decided to take it everyday for the rest of my life."

Maritoni Fernandez
Maritoni Fernandez Actress/Breast Cancer Survivor

April Boy started taking the food supplement. He regained his strength and even his virility. And when they returned to the US sometimes ago, his doctors pronounced him healthy.

Madelyn (wife) told us her husband's diabetes is now under control and his blood pressure normal. Although he has Sante Pure Barley grass powder to thank. April Boy said: "Prayers and Sante Pure Barley saved my life"

April Boy Regino
April Boy Regino Singer/Prostate Cancer Survivor

"The only vegetation on earth that can supply nutritional support from birth to old age."

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara
Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara Medical Scientist/Inventor/Pharmacologist

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